Nigerian author wears an unbelievable dress to his wedding

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Collins Oscar wedding photo

Collins Oscar wedding photo
Popularly known for the bestseller Idiots With BSC, Collins Oscar took his beautiful bride to the altar where they were joined together in holy matrimony. His choice of dressing has received mixed reactions from attendees and Facebook users – Collins wore a blue garment instead of the norm which happens to be a suit. His bride also wore a simple wedding gown.

Collins probably saw the wedding as an opportunity to live the life written in the pages of his book “The Rebels”, that echoes the need to challenge the status quo. Earlier this year, the author was featured on premium times for hawking zobo drink.

Aside from THE REBELS, his other books are Mental Reconstruction, Emotional 419, etc. He’s also the founder of Made in Akwa Ibom Showroom, a local showroom that showcases locally made products in Akwa Ibom State.

Do you think Collins took things too far this time? Happy married life to the newlyweds.

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