(Video) Day 4: Updates of BBNaija 2019 Day 4 Housemates Activities

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It’s 4 out of 99 days in the Big Brother Naija house and there’s been a lot of exciting moments. See what the housemates have been up to.


Early morning dancing means a good day. right?

From Day 1, the pepper dem ladies have shown Naija their love for moving to the rhythm. This morning was not an exception. These ladies are all about displaying breath-taking moves every time Biggie hits the play button on his playlist.

With Diane’s dance moves, it seems dancing might just be her secret weapon as she is fond of taking the lead when the music comes on and ready to get into a dance-off with other Housemates. Other pepper them ladies like Thelma, Avala, Isilomo, Tacha and even Ella have also shown us hot steps. Watch the video below:

Yesterday, the ladies had some dance moment as well. See video of Day 3 dance below:



Kimoprah, Seyi, Ike, Isilomo, and Tuoyo relive their Audition experience.



After days of discussing, playing and even fighting, Biggie decided to take away that privilege of speech from the Housemates by making today’s Task about Silence. The housemates were asked to be silent and not whisper, murmur, draw, whistle, write, sing or laugh loudly.

According to Biggie, the silence task will help with self-reflection. The housemates were expected to carry on their daily activities just like they would if they could speak. They were also prohibited from sleeping and covering their faces.

The Challenge ends for individual Housemates the moment he/she gets summoned into the Diary Room where they can get to speak and pour out their hearts to Biggie.

The housemates found alternative means to communicate as they employed sign languages to get their messages across to each other. They also engaged in fun and interesting workout sessions. Led by Mike, each Housemate was made to take part in one fun exercise. There were a few hilarious incidents that occurred during the silent workout sessions but the housemates still kept their cool, which was quite impressive. After the workout, they switched to a game of ‘desk tennis’ using only their fingers and facial expressions to communicate.

Isilomo used this period to try her makeup skills on Nelson Watch the videos below:


Ella, Nelson, Sir Dee, Esther, and Omashola had their first diary session with Big Brother and they talked about their feelings in the first week in the House.


In Mike, Diane, Jackye, Mercy and Jeff’s first Diary session, they talked about how they felt about Jeff as Head of House. Mike thinks Jeff is not a good Head of House. This is because according to him, Jeff became distant after being selected as HoH. They also talked about their fake Diary session. Lastly, Biggie confided in Jeff about an Eviction coming up. What do you think Jeff will do with this secret?

We are constantly updating this page for all BBNaija Day 4 activities . Bookmark this page and keep checking/refreshing for more BBNaija updates.

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