StarStone Records – Dakkada Akwa Ibom


StarStone records an indigenous multi-national entertainment company owned by Akwa Ibom state son Udeme Emmanuel also known as Yhudee Manuel has once again dropped a fresh song titled Da’kka’da Akwa Ibom.  The song is in support of the Akwa Ibom Dakkada movement, a call to all Akwa Ibomites’ home and in the diaspora to rise up to greatness to have faith in themselves and believe everything is possible through God. To shun violence, hatred, bias, ethnicity and terrorism and embrace peace, love, unity and work the common goal of uplifting Awa Ibom because we only have one Akwa Ibom. God bless Akwa Ibom, God bless Nigeria and God bless StarStone records.


Download: Dakkada Akwa Ibom – StarStone Records

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  1. ity williams says:

    Meaning of Dakkada

    Dakkada is a chant of motivation for every son and daughter of Akwa Ibom. It goes beyond words, it is a state of mind, a consciousness far beyond the ordinary. We @ http://www.thekillerpunch.com says Akwa Ibom #Dakkada
    Don’t just sit there waiting for things to happen to you, get up and be your own hero.


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