So sad! Customs officer accidentally kills colleague while trying to extort traveler

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Tragedy struck today as a customs officer accidentally killed his colleague while trying to extort money from a traveler along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

According to, Derumours, the custom officer accidentally shot his colleague dead when he tried to shoot a civilian traveler.

It was reported that the victim of the extortion was traveling down to the eastern region of Nigeria, when accosted by the Custom officers. He was asked to pay N300,000 which he refused, as he complained and lamented that it was way too much.

Eyewitnesses disclosed that the argument got heated up, and the Customs officer accidentally killed his colleague while trying to shoot the civilian traveler.

See the post below:

This is happening now in Lagos Express way.
A Nigerian man was stopped by Nigerian Custom on his way to the East. Was charged to pay Almost N300,000 for a custom charge for his car which he refused and complain is too much.
After many arguments and out of annoyance the Custom officer mistakenly shoot his fellow Custom man on cold blood when he wanted to shoot civilian. :
This is terrible. What is Nigeria turning Into.

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