(Video) Day 1: Kim-Oprah emerges winner of Big Brother’s Veto Power Game of Chance.

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Television presenter and BBNaija housemate Kim-Oprah, has emerged winner of Big Brother’s Veto Power Game of Chance and is now the Veto Power Holder (VPH). This was after she picked the lucky key that opened one of the safety deposit boxes.

Throughout this season’s show, the Veto Power Game of Chance will be played as a separate game in which the winner is the Veto Power Holder (VPH). The VPH has the authority to save a housemate nominated for eviction and replace such housemate with a housemate that was not nominated for eviction.

However, there is a check on the power of the Veto Holder. The Veto Power Holder does NOT have Immunity and is likely to be Nominated by other Housemates. The only perk of the VPH at this point is that when such an event occurs is that he/she may choose to save himself or herself.

The BBNaija dynamics are changing as in this new season, the Head of House will only have Nomination Immunity. This means that unless directed by Big Brother, the Head of House no longer wields the power to grant immunity to any other Housemates. In past seasons, as a key position holder, the Head of House had the power to save as well as replace nominated housemates.

Watch the video below:

Things are changing, even the BBNaija house dynamics. Want to know how this changes the dynamics in the House? Follow our constant BBNaija 2019 updates here.

You can also watch the BBNaija Live Stream here.

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